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10 janvier 2008


La petite bête, c'est aux U.S.A., une librairie de livres pour enfants en français. Books for Kids in French c'est écrit dans la langue de là-bas. Et ils défendent 8h32 sur leur site :

« This book uses photographs and a text reminiscent of "Amélie", the 2001 movie by Jean Pierre Jeunet. Through its text and photographs, it exudes a truly french spirit. Photographs are not left as they are, but modified and look like collages.

This is completely different from everything you have seen before. The small publishing house "Où sont les enfants?"  who has groundbreaking ideas, wants to invite children to use their imagination without limit through the use of beautiful photographs and a poetic text.

This is not only a great book to introduce numbers (children can recognize numbers collaged on the pages) as well as to distinguish the right from the left and the concept of time and fleeting time but also a great introduction and invitation for children to pay closer attention to photographs that surround them as a starting point to imagine a story. It is finally a great  introduction to photography, made easier in this age of digital photography.»